Recovery RecordHave you ever heard of Recovery Record? Among the thousands of apps available to the public, few actually have a purpose and enrich the life of the user. Recovery Record is simply amazing (and free!) and would definitely be useful for someone recovering from an eating disorder. The app allows the user to track their progress as well as record how they’re feeling and certain behaviors – allowing them to see their patterns and take control of their health. Very worthwhile! Don’t forget to check out our Body Acceptance Mini-magazine! Recovery RecordIt is an incredible (and completely free) app designed to help people manage their eating disorder recovery. The app allows users to:

  • create meal plans
  • log meal/snack entries
  • schedule reminders for meals/snacks/appointments
  • track urges to binge/purge/restrict/exercise
  • track episodes of engaging in ED behavior
  • record thoughts and feelings both at meal/snack times and throughout the day
  • interact with other people in recovery (in a safe, encouraging, and confidential way)
  • access coping skill ideas and positive distraction techniques
  • engage in activities designed to further recovery (especially through the assignments in the Scrapbook section)
  • send progress notes to their service provider
  • create recovery-oriented goals and solid plans for achieving those goals
  • track recovery progress over time
  • and much more…

The app is currently used by over 38,400 people worldwide. You can tailor the application to fit your needs and your symptoms through the “Settings” section. The app has features compatible with a wide range of ED recovery needs, whether you are struggling with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, or EDNOS. Again, this is a completely free resource with really incredible potential to aid users in their journey to recovery. If you are looking for interactive recovery tools, this is definitely one you should check out.