I stumbled upon this article on Glorify via Tumblr (always finding cool stuff on there!) Glorify is a fat acceptance website and definitely worth checking out! This is a poem by (F)Emma and it brought tears to my eyes. As someone who dealt with horrible body image in the past, I loved this letter that (F)Emma wrote to her body. It’s a beautiful piece about the relationships we have with our bodies and how we are so disconnected from them, mistreating them. Absolutely amazing. I’m sure many of you could relate and I hope this helps you think of your body differently. Don’t forget to check out our Body Acceptance Mini-magazine!

 femmaDear body,

I’m sorry for what I’ve done to you. I’ve denied you energy. I’ve made long lines on you to let out the hate. I’ve shoved you into spaces too small for you. I’ve made you feel ugly. I’ve made you feel hungry. I have raised my voice and my hand to you. But you stayed calm. You stayed soft and forgiving. You make mountains out of hips and valleys out of thighs. You put up with the nibbling around my fingernails. You’ve loved me for hours, rising in matched passion. We have made love together. We have made art of bed sheets. You turn pink and red and purple. You sing sometimes. And you look beautiful covered in sequins and in nothing at all. Even if I don’t tell you. You will always be beautiful, waiting patiently for me to come to my senses. You punched in him in the jaw. He will never forget your left hook. So I’m sorry for before. And I hope that maybe, with steady fingers and open eyes, we can come back to each other.