Demi Lovato recently opened up to Cosmo on Campus UK about her struggles with an eating disorder and the other vices she suffered from. Demi says that if a celebrity had talked about their body issues publicly it would have helped her when she started to develop an eating disorder. She goes on to say that it’s OK to love yourself the way you are and that it is OK to reach out for help if you have a problem. I love how public Demi has been about her issues when so many celebrities try and keep it a secret. Demi speaking out about the things she has gone through will help so many young girls get the help that they need and maybe even avoid the same issues. Lovato is such a strong and beautiful young woman who has overcome so many things in her life. Demi Lovato has been quite open in terms of her eating disorder since she left rehab, but the star has now opened up about why she thinks she suffered with bulimia, saying that the reason could be down to celebrities and their honesty. Speaking to Cosmopolitan spin-off magazine, Cosmo on Campus, Demi admitted that she now wants to draw on her own experiences with an eating disorder to help teens and young women across the globe. “I was about 12 or 13 when I developed my eating disorder, and at that time nobody in the public eye talked about their body issues,” she explained. “I feel that if someone had admitted they had a problem, then I wouldn’t have gone down that route myself.” “That’s my goal in talking about my problems. I want to be the person for other girls that I needed to admire when I was looking for help and strength.” Demi also has a message for anyone battling self-worth issues, telling them: “It’s OK to love your body the way it is and it’s OK to reach out for help if you have drug and alcohol problems, or if you’re self-harming or being bullied.” The X Factor USA judge also revealed that she doesn’t stand any bulls**t from men. “I’m a southern Texas girl – I have a really strong personality,” she said. “I speak my mind and I don’t hold back… I’m the type of woman who doesn’t put up with bullshit, so when I date I have to find someone who won’t either.” “I don’t think any woman should ever hold back what she’s really thinking.”