I just had to share this video from Fox News where an anchor questions nutritionist Keren Gilbert views on Adele and Kelly Clarkson’s weight issues. Keren makes a point to say that by winning Grammy’s Adele and Clarkson are setting the wrong example for young people to think that it is OK to be overweight. The anchor than comments to Gilbert that she must be irked that both Clarkson and Adele are successful and overweight. Gilbert laughs uncomfortably and says that if they put as much effort into their weight loss as they do their careers they would be healthy. Another thing I’d like to point out is that Gilbert likes to assume that all overweight people have high blood pressure and thyroid “issues” are an excuse to being overweight. I only agree with Keren’s point to living a healthy live style but within moderation. You just have to love yourself the way you were made to be.