Let’s just say it’s amazing to see artists/actors supporting and admiring each other. According to Queerty, John Mayer calls the “coming out” of Frank Ocean (in a beautifully written blog post) and Jodie Foster (during her Golden Globes Acceptance Speech) ‘heroic.’ And he’s absolutely right – we live in such a judgmental world and with celebrities already in the limelight, such a personal unveiling can be so frightening, knowing that they will be scrutinized. But so much is gained with their bravery – one by one, they are making it easier for others to show their true selves and be free of secrecy.

john mayer rolling stonesI think it’s as much about [Frank Ocean] taking a stand against being fucking boring as it is about sexuality. It’s about standing up and going, ‘I know what you’re going to say about this, and I don’t care.’ And I think that was the heroic part. I know there were parts that were heroic for other people. For me, it’s just the heroic self-expression. You don’t even need publicists anymore – people are just as scared for themselves as the publicists would be. …Everyone is self-PRing. We’re all worried to express ourselves, because we are scared of the imminent criticism as we are typing. And I think for a guy to express any idea with that kind of bravery, a guy writing without caring what you think . . . What’s fascinating to me is not as much what he’s expressing – it’s that he chose to just make an expression one time, deeply, honestly. I feel like Jodie Foster is the same thing. They’re just like, ‘Here’s what I want to say, and I’m not interested in what the response to this is going to be. It’s important that I express it.’