Talk about handling a situation the wrong way: When Tammie Jackson called her daughter’s middle school with a complaint that she was being sexually harassed, the school’s response was: Have your daughter get a breast reduction. How reasonable! Seriously, someone should get fired for that kind of response to a very serious problem. Not only does it perpetuate victim-blaming but does NOTHING to get to the root of the problem: which is teaching kids NOT to bully and to treat other people with RESPECT. And of course, stop treating women like sexual objects.  Here’s the story by Fox News: MissouriGirlFox2NowA Missouri mother is outraged after her daughter’s school district allegedly suggested the 13-year-old get a breast reduction to stop bullying. Tammie Jackson said her daughter, a sixth-grade student at Central Middle School is being sexually harassed because of her breast size, reported. When Jackson called the school district to complain she said a woman suggested to me, “to have my daughter get a breast reduction,” she told The school district tells the news site that the incident is still being investigated. The school also said they are working to counsel students to resolve other bullying issues. Jackson, who also claims her 9-year-old son is bullied for scars on his chest from a heart condition, wants the school to “talk with the kids.” “Let them know people’s bodies are changing, everyone is different, but God made us all great,” she told Jackson also said the superintendent has reached out to say they are working on a plan to resolve the issues regarding both of her children.