I stumbled across this ridiculous article about how the Lingerie Football League will be changing their image in an effort to loose the sexy and be seen as a more serious sport. The LFL will now be know as the Legends Football League, change logos to less sexy images, revamp the uniforms. When I first read this I thought it was awesome, why do these women who want to play football have to be sexual objects…Than I saw the new uniforms, they are pretty much the same revealing bra and panty combo as before. Why can’t women just play football like men in a pair of pants and a jersey, why does it have to be a bra and underwear. I just feel so defeated for these women and just women in general. Why can’t we be more than objects. It feels like no matter what women achieve, we are just seen as objects not good enough to be on a mans level. We are. We always will be and one day we will get there. Women can accomplish anything they want to and we should never forget they. lingerie-football-league-new-uniformsThe favorite football league of many desperate and lonely men is no more. The Lingerie Football League has announced plans to rename itself the Legends Football League and said it will no longer have its players compete while wearing lingerie. “This is the next step in the maturation of our now global sport. While the Lingerie Football League name has drawn great media attention allowing us to showcase the sport to millions, we have now reached a crossroad of gaining credibility as a sport or continuing to be viewed as a gimmick,” said Mitchell S. Mortaza, the founder of the league. “In the coming years we will further establish this sport in the U.S., Australia, Europe and Asia as the most known form of American football globally. In order to reach the next milestone, we feel the focus has to be the sport and our amazing athletes.” Other changes include redesigned team logos that remove “sexy female figures” and changing their slogan from “True Fantasy Football” to “Women of the Gridiron.” But how much has the league really changed? The league also posted a promotional video on its website featuring players working out in very revealing gear. So, not everything has changed.