Fei Fei Sun has become the first Asian model to be on the cover of Vogue Italia. It’s really sad to read about the lack of diversity on the cover of magazine covers. Take a look at the magazine stand the next time you go to the drug store or even Barnes & Noble. I’m pretty sure it would be like 85 – 90% of magazine covers are of caucasians. I think it’s amazing that Fei Fei was granted the honor of being on the cover, her photos are beautiful and she looks stunning. Not many people can say the are the first to do something these days. Fei Fei being on Vogue Italia is fantastic, but it’s sad that it has taken so many magazines so long to become completely diverse and not just with ethnicity but also with body types. Europe seems to be much more accepting, now only if the United States can get on trend and represent its diversity. Vogue Italia, the magazine known for taking a stand against anorexia and promoting the use of black models in fashion, made another statement this week, putting an Asian woman on its cover for the first time. Chinese model Fei Fei Sun covers the magazine’s January issue (out worldwide Monday), a celebration of the multicultural, border-free facets of fashion. Editor in chief Franca Sozzani, who works as a Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations’ Fashion 4 Development Project, chose Sun for the honor. “In the images, Fei Fei perfectly embodies a timeless idea of an extremely chic, beautiful woman,” Sozzani tells WWD. “In this world, beauty is king and it’s something that brings people together with no national and racial limits.” Sun has previously modeled in campaigns for brands like Calvin Klein and Diesel, and first hit the runway at London Fashion Week in 2009. She’s starred in editorials for British Vogue, as well. According to the Daily Mail, French Vogue was the first European magazine to put an Asian model on its cover — Chinese supermodel Du Juan, in 2011. And while both British and American editions of Vogue have featured Asian models in spreads, neither has selected an Asian woman for its cover … yet.