This article was discovered through my recent feeling of defeat when I stepped on the scale. For the last three months I’ve been going to the gym on a religious basis to achieve my goal of being a certain size for my upcoming wedding. I’ve watched my body change and have even had to start buying smaller clothes. So I convinced my fiance to buy a scale so we could monitor our progress, what everyone does when they are on a weight loss mission, right? BIG MISTAKE! The number on the scale made my heart drop. I screamed in my head, did I really only loose 10 pounds. After arguing with my fiance, saying that he was lying about me really losing weight and that I’m really not any different looking. I decided to look online to see if it was possible to lose weight and have it not show up on the scale. I was really surprised when I came across this article describing how the scale can lie to you. So for anyone who feels defeated by those stupid little numbers on the scale, do yourself a favor and read this article like I did. Trust me you will feel so much better and much more determined. Is the Scale Lying to You? While the scale can tell you how much you weigh, there’s something more important you need to know: Your body composition. While many of us focus on how many pounds we’re losing, what’s more important is how much fat we’re losing, something the scale can’t discern. Losing weight may make you happy but, what if you found out you were losing muscle, not fat? Losing muscle lowers metabolism and, eventually, contributes to a loss of mobility and power. This is one instance where the scale can lie, especially for new exercisers beginning a strength training program. It’s possible to lose inches without losing weight, which means you’re getting results even if they aren’t showing up the way you’re used to seeing them. I often hear this question from readers who mention losing inches while the scale doesn’t move. They wonder, “Why haven’t I seen any results?” If you’re experiencing this, one question to ask yourself is: Why do you believe the scale over your own experience? If you’re buying smaller clothes, you’re losing fat no matter what the scale says. Too often, we believe what the scale is telling us rather than what’s in front of our own eyes, leaving us discouraged and frustrated rather than celebrating success. Keep it or Ditch it? Are you losing inches, fitting into smaller sizes and slimming down? If the answer is yes, that’s a good sign that you’re gaining muscle and losing fat, which is exactly what you want. Instead of the scale, try other ways to track your progress: Get your body fat tested. Take your measurements at different areas of the body to see where you’re slimming down. Go by how your clothes fit. Keep a fitness journal to keep track of your weights, exercises and strength gains.