I thought this would be a great article to post during the holidays. I’m sure most of you have heard about the 26 Acts of Kindness, which was inspired by the tragedy in Connecticut. I think this is a wonderful idea and I love to read the posts about how people have participated. Everything from presents to free gas have been anonymously given out by complete strangers. This is a great thing we should all participate in if we can, because a random act of kindness can brighten up someones day. A new movement has taken off to honor the 26 people killed at a school in Newtown, Conn. The campaign sparked from a question NBC News correspondent Ann Curry asked herself after Friday’s massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School: “What can I do?” The answer she arrived at was performing 26 acts of kindness. On Sunday, she shared that suggestion on social media, inviting everyone to join her. By Wednesday, the hashtag “#26acts” was trending on Twitter and a “26 Acts of Kindness” Facebook page had exceeded 17,000 likes. “Imagine if we all committed 20 acts of kindness to honor the lost children of Newtown..(or 26 acts, including the heroic teachers.) I’m in. A growing number on Twitter are in. #20Acts #26Acts What do you think FB friends? If yes, share!” Curry wrote on Facebook. The social media sites describe acts of kindness directed toward members of the Newtown community, as well as to others across the nation and even globally. On Twitter, users tweeted Curry with photos and descriptions of their acts of kindness. Examples of good deeds include paying for parking meters, tolls and layaway accounts. Curry wrote on the NBC News website that the movement is a way to “help heal us all.”