I recently stumbled across this amazing web series by actress Amy Poehler. Most of the questions she answers are sent in by your girls in their early teens. Amy answers each question honestly and with a warmness. So many actors and actresses speak up about bullying or body image issues, but it seems that none of them really take the time out to say something profound, except for the random question in an interview or paid PSA. I found the videos to be encouraging whether your 12 or 32. With such a positive message, my hope is that this series takes off , along with Beutiful of course, and encourages young girls and women struggling with themselves, look past the superficiality in life and love who they are inside. Please check this series out and if you have a daughter share it with her. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myl7LcRqZXM&list=PL0F5894A2EBEA8BA0