This week Madonna posted an ad for her new perfume “Truth or Dare: Naked” which just hit stores. The image left people wondering whether it was an old photo or a recent one that was heavily Photoshopped. The 54 year old pop culture icon and singer is no stranger to image retouch controversy. There is no argument, Madonna looks amazing for her age and she works very hard to have the body she has but, there is no way to turn back time. When she did adverts for both Dolce and Gabbana and Louis Vuitton a few years back people were shocked when the untouched photos leaked showing what Madonna really looked like, wrinkles and all. I think the real problem lies within the advertising companies. They create an unrealistic image that we try to live up to. It sends the wrong message. I think Madonna’s fans know what she really looks like, so why not just slightly retouch the ad, not try and make her look 30 again. It’s absurd. Over in Europe they have a limit on how much Photoshopping can be done to an ad and how truthful the ad really is. Recently they pulled a mascara ad for using retouching on the models lashes. With a rise in cosmetic surgeries, I think the real message here should be that we should just love ourselves the way we are. We are supposed to get older, wrinkles show character and experience, each line is a memory from a time you laughed and enjoyed your life.