I think there is enough pressure on young boys and girls to look a certain way just through Photoshopped ads and Cinema Airbrushing. Most you people start to have body image issues and insecurities by there early teens. However, when an upscale clothing store like Barney’s teams up with an animation empire like Disney the results are undesirable. When Barney’s first unveiled there cartoon based campaign around iconic Disney characters, people were outraged and even started an online petition to leave the beloved characters alone. Even Walt Disney’s great niece was against the change.  For me personally the campaign isn’t offensive because they made the characters look slender, it’s because the campaign is say that you have to change the way you look to fit in there clothes. Also I think people find the campaign offensive because these are cartoon characters for very young kids. At the end of the day I think it just sends the wrong message not just to children but to everyone else.  Check out the video and see the campaign for yourselves. To read more about the event you can read this article. http://youtu.be/ayzfwJZhKro