As some of you may know, Beutiful has been a solo project for the two years of its existence. This is a really exciting announcement for me, as well as a big step in the development of Beutiful. I’m beyond pleased to introduce to you our new (and first!) member of Beutiful – Madeleine. When I spoke with Madeleine for the first time, I immediately became inspired by the energy in her voice. I knew she would be someone who could bring a lot of great ideas, passion and creativity to Beutiful. I know you’re going to love her. ~ Patricia A note to you, from Madeleine herself: MadeleineIntroductions skew how similar we are. Most of me is part of you, and I am less my name and current place in the world than I am a flesh and feeling person, who ultimately wants to feel a sense of belonging, and nothing has felt more fulfilling than love. As for the changeable differentiators, I like to move, change, and dance. My name is Madeleine; I study psychology in college; I’m 20; and I don’t know where I’ll be in 20 years, but I hope there will be accomplishment, accomplishing, and love. A relevant differentiator is that I have just joined the Beutiful Magazine team. I care about this project because I want all women to leave the fight to be an idea. The discontented struggle for “self-improvement” is a great way to avoid ever actually having to live your life. If you continue trying to perfect yourself, you will never enter the races. You will never create, explore, or solve anything if you spend your life preparing to live. And if no one has told you yet today, I love you just as you are. Let’s do something today.