Jenn LawlorA few weeks ago, I noticed a facebook page commenting on the images I was posting. One of these images happened to be an image that symbolized distorted body image – it was a photo of a “skinny” (eatten) apple that was looking into a mirror to see a reflection of a bigger, full apple. The page,  The Best Body Ever (is Yours), – run by Jenn Lawlor –  commented about an experience she had with her eating disorder and facing the own distorted image of herself. Jenn Lawlor is an eating disorder recovery advocate who, through her online show, bbeTV, inspires people suffering from eating disorder toward recovery. I had to send her a message and ask her to speak more on it, as I believe many people suffer from a distorted perception of themselves. Jenn was kind enough to make this video about body image distortion and I’m so glad she did! Having recovered from an eating disorder herself, she is a great resource. Watch this video and be sure to check out the others on her youtube channel as well!     You can learn more about Jenn’s work here: and connect on FB here: