Straight from the press release – this is an amazing initiative created by Healthy Is The New Skinny, a website dedicated to promoting models of healthy weight and educating people to put health and happiness first. This was so worth sharing!

  Last month HNS posted a photo to provide some perspective on the body types that are typically used in advertising.  The photo showed the Victoria’s Secret models and the Dove campaign models side by side.  This posting became controversial and was shared 67,000 times, liked 139,114 times and we received over 17,000 comments on the photo.

healthy is the new skinny

The original image posted.

The comments that were posted on our Facebook page in response to the photos ranged in extremes. We were surprised by the animosity that was shared by both men and women about women’s figures.  Our mission at Healthy is the New Skinny is to advocate health and beauty in all its forms. We believe that size does not define beauty, yet the fashion industry and media seem to believe that it does.   The sheer volume of cruel and judgmental comments that people made, sometimes not even in response to the photo itself, were astounding. The reaction we received was unexpected, but spawned our determination for a new advertising trend; variety. This photo and video are the dawn of a revolution. We believe it is fair to compare professional models sizes 0-14 to the straight-sized super models employed by Victoria’s Secret and let the consumer decided.  Will viewers respond to ad campaigns using a variety of body types at the same level of production value and beauty as the Victoria Secret Campaign? The Victoria’s Secret photo’s estimated production cost is $500,000.  The only expense spared for the Healthy is the New Skinny photo and video was $45 for pizza.  Now that’s a healthy savings! Just imagine; if the industry invested the same amount of money in advertising a healthy range of body types, how amazing would these women look?  In addition, the millions of girls growing up who do not fit the narrow image of beauty that we currently have would be able to see more realistic role models.  We need progressive companies to stand up and start putting resources toward presenting high quality productions that represent a variety of sizes.  The rewards for making this change would be a groundbreaking increase in brand loyalty and a healthy bottom line.
Healthy is the new skinny

The image with the new Body Love Campaign message

The companies we want to stand up and change are the same ones that created the current beauty ideal.  We are not naïve enough to expect change overnight but Healthy is the New Skinny is committed to leading the revolution! We believe women will support the companies that face the fear of change and take the leap to presenting a variety of healthy, beautiful women of all sizes. Watch this thought provoking, sexy, and edgy video and see for yourself.  We are confident there will be no question to the level of beauty.  Beauty is not defined by size.  Just to give you some perspective to the industry standards, every model except for the model on the far right in the photo, are considered “plus size” models in the industry and work with Natural Model Management.