As I’m constantly coming across new content through my social media sites, I often stumble upon some unexpected gems through the Beutiful Magazine tumblr page. This poem is one of them.

The Esteemer

I used to tell my self I wasn’t smart enough to be someone in life I used to tell myself no girl will ever want me ever in my life I am too fat I’m not manly enough I’m too tall My voice is too girly I can’t sing I’m not creative enough I’m ugly as sin I’m a faggot I’m a womaneater I’m too dark I’m not dark enough I’m too hispanic I’m not hispanic You’re a nigger You’re a buppy You’re a narcissist Your dick is too little Your head is big You are void of talent YOU ARE A WHORE I’m lazy I’m stupid I cry to much I have no emotion You’re a drunk You’ll never amount to anything You won’t live to see 25 Fuck You! I manage to wake up every morning without a care in the world It’s amazing how people think Their words, reports and standards apply When all that matters in life is you Let’s dig in to my back ground a bit: I’ve popped champagne with the best of them I have sailed the 7 seas I have friends with money I’ve worn the finest gold of the motherland But it was so jagged because I felt that doing this would make me acceptable to society Then I lost it all and when I lost it all I had me Not enough money in the world could ever take away the feeling of knowing that everyday I wake no matter the amount of money in my bank I still have me and in the end I will have me My success is measured by my own merit not anyone else’s Remind yourself Why you wake up everyday Then live for it