Angelina Jolie ugly meter app iphoneOhhh my. A few days ago, my roommate sent me this story – and it kinda reminded me of the Beautiful People website, a dirty little site where you need to fit a certain standard to join, and your appearance is voted on by other members. So anyway, this new iPhone app has launched and claims to be able to tell you how ugly, or not, somebody is. The app is of course called, “The Ugly Meter” and lets users take a photo of a person’s face and then ‘analyzes’ its contours in real-time before displaying a score from one to ten. The higher the score, the uglier the face. ugly meter app iphoneAn on-screen grid helps the user line up the picture for best results and, moments after the picture is snapped the app’s judgment is displayed on the screen. The app also gives you positive (“You’re so hot, you make the sun jealous”) or negative (“Wow you’re ugly, is your doctor a vet?”) feedback based on your results. While the app was probably created to provide a light-hearted bit of fun, use of the app could cause self-esteem issues of be used cruelly. The app claims to scan facial structure to measure attractiveness, but it is probably not accurate – and unfortunately, some may take this app seriously.