National Eating Disorders Awareness

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, which occurs annually from February 26th to March 3rd, just reached its 25th year anniversary. It has been an event that is now nationally supported and recognized by all eating disorder-centered organizations, websites and blogs.

Libero NetworkOne organization that covered the event was non-profit Libero Network, which is run by a woman named Lauren Bersaglio. Founded in 2010, Libero Network brings awareness to and support for those dealing with issues such as eating disorders, depression, and addictions.

The organization works in the form of written blogs, video blogs, and speaking engagements. Eating DisordersFor National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Libero had various guests as well as Lauren herself create videos for each day of NEDA week to educate viewers on types of eating disorders, myths about eating disorders, intuitive eating, men and eating disorders and recovery. You can find all of the videos from National Eating Disorders Awareness Week on the Libero website. One video I thought was particularly helpful was Lauren’s video about eating disorders. Lauren offers an explanation of the various types of eating disorders that exist (including less-known ones such as Orthorexia and Night-Eating Syndrome) and she busts the myth that restricting is the same as starvation. Watch below!   Eating Disorders   You can visit the Libero Network website as well as follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Tumblr!