Sally McGrawSally McGraw, a Minneapolis-based blogger, freelance writer, and communications professional, created Already Pretty (a website) after dealing with depression from hating her body. Then she began exploring fashion and style – dressing in fun, flattering, and form-fitting clothes and started to respect her body. She recognized the connection between looking good and feeling good, as it relates to style. That’s what inspired her to launch Already Pretty. When she started to dress in a way that made her look and feel great, she finally stopped feeling negatively her body. This made her want to show other women how to make that connection so they could stop hating theirs.

Already Pretty explores how style impacts body image, and how dressing well expresses self-respect and self-understanding. Sally’s primary mission is to show that body knowledge gained through explorations of personal style can foster self-love and self-respect.

I was looking through her posts (and you should, too – because they’re awesome!), and I found one called “Can’t Wear That“. In her post, Sally speaks up about fashion “rules” that are commonly used in society and pushes the concept that every woman can wear whatever style she wants. I definitely thought it was worth sharing:

Can’t Wear That

Sally McGrawI may weigh in on style rules around here, but I can’t say I’m terribly fond of them. Understanding them, knowing why they exist and how they work, and applying them occasionally as guidelines works just fine. But crafting every outfit around them? I’ll pass. Especially since so many style rules are straight-up bullshit. Here are few of my infuriating faves: * Fat girls can’t wear skinny jeans * Skinny girls can’t wear chunky jewelry * Short girls can’t wear long skirts * Tall girls can’t wear platforms * Curvy girls can’t wear stripes * Boyishly-figured girls can’t wear pencil skirts * Busty girls can’t wear turtlenecks * Flat girls can’t wear bikinis What a load. As if a busty gal would BURST INTO FLAMES should she pull on a turtleneck. As if a short gal will sear the eyes of onlookers should she dare wear a maxi dress. As if there is one, and only one, choice for dressing and it is to create the tallest, skinniest, yet simultaneously most hourglass-y figure possible. At any cost. Including comfort, personal preference, and seasonal appropriateness. Makes me livid. Now I’ve already mentioned that it infuriates me when people say, “Oh, she shouldn’t wear that.” That kind of wholesale, scathing judgment is just plain unproductive. But it exasperates me one a whole different level when I hear women tell me that they themselves simply “can’t” wear a style or garment. Because no matter the woman and no matter the garment, that statement is never, ever true. There is always a way. It may not create the most socially-sanctioned figure and you may not want to do it daily. In fact, you may not want to do it at all! Or you may want to find ways to balance out whatever supposedly-negative thing a taboo-to-you garment does to your proportions. But so long as it fits you and you love it, wearing any garment you wish is always, always possible. And to hear women say that they CANNOT wear particular items of clothing sends me into conniptions. Certain garments will alter how your figure looks to the observing eye, and it is valuable to understand how your clothing will affect your unique proportions. But style is choice. Every outfit is yours to craft. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that your body shape, size, or configuration makes it impossible for you to wear anything.