Ali LohanIf you look at this photo, the results are shocking – and there is only a two year difference between them. You might not even think it’s the same person. But it’s Ali Lohan, the 17-year old sister of actress Lindsey Lohan – who just signed with NEXT Model Management last month. Ali’s lips and cheeks look fuller and her eyebrows are much more defined. Her nose also appears narrower. Her overall appearance is shockingly skinny. I think her new look makes her look much older and unfortunately, less healthy. Perhaps she’s trying to create some separation from her older sister and create her own path, but the results are startling – I think some serious plastic surgery has been going on. And hopefully just that, instead of unhealthy dieting on top of it. Ali’s very young, which could make her really vulnerable to the pressure of the modeling and fashion industry. Hopefully everything goes well for her and that she is able to keep a good head on her shoulders – even if that head doesn’t look like hers.