Just three episodes into the “Big Sexy”, the show was cancelled. It’s a shame, because I thought this show had a lot of potential and that the women on the show were interesting and had a lot of substance. tlc big sexyUnfortunately, it doesn’t surprise me. This kinda reminds me of ABC’s “HUGE“, which I was also sad to see go. How many shows are dedicated to ideal bodies, or even bodies that are not ideal, but are trying to get there (Biggest Loser, Extreme Makeover, etc.). This show could have broken new territory – women who are large, actually speaking honestly about the struggles and yet still embracing who they are and owning it. Millions of women (and men) around the world could relate to this. I personally feel that this was something that needed to be on television. We’re constantly being told what we should be – it’s important for us to remember that we don’t have to fit any mold. I am not sure who the source is, but there is a great online petition to bring the show back to TLC. The petition reads:

There are not many television programs in existence today that promote self-acceptance and encourage self love and appreciation. In this hyper-critical media world we live in the majority of messages that constantly bombarding us are “You’re not good enough and you need to be better”. Whether it’s a wardrobe intervention, dramatic weight loss, or a head to toe makeover the message to woman is quite clear: the world wants you to fit into this mold and it is your responsibility to conform or be out-casted by society. However, there has been one television show on the front lines that has thrown down the gauntlet! The courageous women of BIG SEXY have challenged that world with one revolutionary message… Being true to who are regardless of size, shape or weight is something that all woman should strive for. These 5 gorgeous plus size bomb shells are large and in charge! They make no excuses for their size and challenge America to start viewing big as beautiful. Their stories and struggles have resonated with hundreds of thousands of people all over the country. Women, for the first time, have begun to come out of their self-conscious shadows and had been given a torch of empowerment by these 5 pioneers. The response to this show has been enormous and truly felt by the world. Three short episodes later, we are left wanting to know more and wanting to see more from these everyday woman who are not ashamed nor afraid to hide their curves. We want to understand how they have learned to love and appreciate their body even though they are not the template we are told is perfection. We need your help! Please sign this curvy petition to demand more BIG SEXY! We need shows like this that promote and support women of all sizes, shapes, and backgrounds. Please stand with us in our fight to preserve equal representation in today’s media because BIG GIRLS NEED LOVE TOO. We have a voice and it will to be heard!  (This is a peaceful petition and a place where everyone can show support and share about what BIG SEXY means to you.  Thank you!)

You know what to do! SIGN THAT PETITION!