annarexiacostume rickysRicky’s, which is a top New York’s costume chain store, has been selling this horrible costume online and even in some stores. The costume is called “Anna Rexia” and is a skeleton-printed tube dress belted by measuring tape. Pinch yourself. Yes, this exists. And it was being sold by the manufacturer, until the Village Voice caught wind of it and called them out. Since then, Ricky’s has pulled the costume from their website and stock. But did it really have to take someone to call them out for them to realize that this was a bad idea? Apparently… Unfortunately, it’s still available for purchase at other Halloween costume websites. I have no idea why it’s being sold, or who would buy it. This costume could make several people uncomfortable. Not to mention it is poking fun and making light of a life-threatening condition, as well as making it “sexy” (do you see how low-cut the dress is?). If it’s any comfort, the dress is being sold in all sizes. This is effing disgusting. I really dislike when designers and marketing teams don’t exercise social responsibility. It doesn’t matter whether or not anyone buys this costume. It exists, and it sucks.