I spent today catching up on some amazing documentaries and articles that my friends have been recommending to me over the past few weeks. This video, “Labiaplasty Hungry Beast”, was shown to me by my friend Jake. The video is seven minutes long and you should definitely watch it. There are some scenes of a labiaplasty surgery being performed, but these takes are brief and should not discourage you from educating yourself. It’s amazing. How the adult film industry has “classifications” and “guidelines” of what female anatomy should look like – which is quite far from the variety of shapes and sizes that everyday women possess. You’ll actually see a graphic designer not only airbrush a vagina for a mag spread but actually REMOVE part of it! Because un-retouched lady parts are too “offensive?!”

Anyway, if you’re a girl or if you’re a guy – absolutely watch this! Ignorance is not always bliss.