Written by April Peveteaux TARA-LYNNI do love the H&M. But one problem I’ve always faced, as a woman with breasts, is that their size L in shirts and dresses isn’t exactly boob-friendly. I wonder what happens when a woman who actually is large tries these shirts on, since I waver between a size 8 and 12, depending on the store. And while they do have a smattering of sizes above 8, they’re usually items that lean more towards “retail store uniform” rather than “hippest thing on my block.” Which is why I have so much hope for the latest from H&M since they’ve gone and hired a plus-size model Tara Lynn. The beautiful Tara Lynn will replace Gisele Bundchen in the newest ads for the clothing retailer. And Tara looks H-O-T. The stores will start carrying the trends in sizes 16 – 30, for ladies of all sizes. For that, I give them a big, fat hand. Not all women come in sizes 0 – 8. Lynn talks about how hard it was for her to come to accept her body, and as part of H&M’s Big Is Beautiful collection, she’s showing us how amazing a size 16 can look. But we knew that already, right ladies? What do you think about H&M’s new ad campaign? Article by Yahoo! Shine