romanian-giuliano-stroeGiuliano Stroe is a 7-year-old body-building powerhouse, perfecting his craft since the tender age of 2. With over 13 million views on YouTube, his incredible (and frightening) feats have been watched by the world. He is a mini muscleman with bulging biceps and a ripped set of abs. But why? Who could be behind all of this? Well, good ol’ dad of course. Move aside, pageant moms. A new strand of bodybuilding dads is the latest craze. Iulian Stoe proudly claims that Giuliano has been going to the gym with him since he was 24 months old, or earlier. The first thing that pops into my head is, “Earlier? Aren’t kids just mastering walking at that point?!” Yes. They are. Which makes this whole thing slightly terrifying, at least to me. Gyms are beginning to understand the new craze as well, offering youth memberships (at a hefty price) for mini-Hulks to build up their little muscles and impress the masses. Research has found that the 6 to 11 age category of gym-goers has doubled in numbers since 2005. Parents have been obsessive over their children’s looks since the dawn of time. Toddlers and Tiaras and the mini-women who have the faces of 18-year-olds scare the shit out of us. It is only natural that the next step would be body-building little boys, supported by their overly proud daddies. Oh boy. Article by Morning Quickie