plus size womenThere are many reasons why some people are not so slim. It could be due to health Problems, medication, genes, birth of a baby, over production of hormones etc. However, society has the tendency to look down on people who are not slim. Example of a Scenario below: It’s a scorching hot day. Some men are working outside an office building. One of them, walks into the office of Admin staff, he is wearing a pair of jeans, no Top – trim and well built. Turning to some employees, he asks if anyone knows where the Soft Drinks machine is. Staff look at him and immediately give him directions. Some even offer to take him there. Same day, same place, another man walks in, also wearing a pair of jeans with a bit of a belly and has what we call “man boobs”. He asks the same question to staff. Staff look at him and some simply point with their finger the direction he should go. Others look at him and dismiss him by looking away and continue with work. We can’t all be Slim and should look past people’s shapes and sizes. Some people are big but they are highly intelligent, talented, with great personalities.On the contrary, you could have someone with excellent body statistics, like Barbie doll,  but once you get to know them, they can be a real pain and no longer look attractive to you. If you are naturally big. Please don’t give into society’s pressure of being slim. Love yourself, don’t hate your body. You are unique and lots of Fashion lines have trendy clothes for plus sizes. The most important thing is to live a healthy lifestyle. Article by Socyberty, referred by Hayley Miller

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On a daily basis, we’re judged by others and judging others constantly – sometimes without even noticing. You could say it’s human nature to size up those around you and that making assumptions about others comes almost naturally to us.

When Hayley, our newsletter therapist and contributor, pointed me to this article, I found it upsetting that something so simple as weight could have such a large impact on how a person is treated. Yet, I know it’s true. I’ve heard multiple stories about people who have been heavier in their lives, and notice that they’re being treated much differently once they’ve lost weight. Some have even been very annoyed by it, understandably.

Judging people, especially based on appearance, does no good for anyone. It’s harmful to the person being judged, and it’s misleading for the person doing the judging. It makes everyone look bad. Stereotyping and categorizing people really hinders our ability to accept and love others and suppresses the growth of our society, I believe.