You’re probably already wary of anyone who practices medicine out of a hotel room, but this story really underscores the risks. butt enhancementThe Associated Press reports a 20-year-old British woman died on Tuesday after receiving an illegal injection of liquid silicone in her buttocks at a Hampton Inn in Philadelphia. The woman had traveled from London over the weekend with three other people. Two had already trekked to Philadelphia for butt-enlarging procedures in November, and on this trip one had another injection and another had hip augmentation. A woman who died in the Philadelphia hotel was injected with silicone in a butt implant procedure, police confirm. Police think they’ve tracked down the woman who gave the injections. Investigators aren’t identifying the woman but they’re looking into whether she was a licensed nurse, nurse practitioner or just a layperson with no training or legal standing to do such a procedure. Two women were here to get the butt-enhancement from a party they met online. The other two women were “along for the ride” and were going to visit friends up in New York. Two women then showed up to perform the procedure at the Hampton Inn, and one woman did the injections. The woman who died received her buttocks enhancement injection in a 4th floor hotel room on Sunday at 12 p.m. Roughly 12 hours later, she told her girlfriends of shortness of breath. She was rushed to Mercy-Fitzgerald hospital where some time after arrival she was pronounced dead. Paramedics say she was awake and coherent on the ride to the hospital. Detectives have not made a connection between the injection and her death, but, preliminary investigations are leaning toward that being a cause of death. Toxicology tests from the Delaware County medical examiner won’t be back for 6-8 weeks. The FDA was also on the scene investigating, and British embassy officials have been to the hotel. Article excerpts taking from Myfoxphilly and Jezebel