agingAnother day, another beauty study designed to make women feel bad about getting older. Researchers at Japanese skincare brand SK-II conducted a study with Fukui University and claim to have pinpointed the exact age when ladies start rapidly maturing. Apparently at 35.09 years old the magic aging fairy waves her wand and wrinkles start appearing, skin starts sagging, and your appearance won’t be able to rebound from things like lack of sleep or too many cocktails or a day in the sun quite the same way it used to. But not to fear, says SK-II, since their $250 Skin Signature Melting Rich Cream can help freeze time for a little while longer. Um. We have a few issues with this new information.

  • What about this other similar QVC survey from July that claimed women reach their beauty peak at 31 years old? Why have we suddenly been granted another four years of looking like hot young things?
  • How does this fit in with the survey from Superdrug last December that said 52 years old is the perfect age for plastic surgery?
  • How exactly do we all start looking older at precisely 35.09 years old? Does this mean that someone who drinks, or smokes, or eats unhealthily, or has never used sunblock their whole lives will have the same appearance as someone who has lived their life in a bubble getting eight hours of blissful sleep a night?
  • With all the recent talk that miracle anti-aging creams are totally bogus, why should we shell out $250 for yet another one claiming to be the fountain of youth?

None of us are getting any younger, and when beauty products make great claims to tighten skin, diminish wrinkles, and add elasticity women are quick to drop big bucks in hopes of some miracle cure. But the fact of the matter is most of the “damage” is already done and can’t be undone. As a beauty editor who has tested many, many beauty products and treatments, I can tell you that some do work (even the ultra-expensive SK-II cream), but the results are only small and temporary. This can easily become a trap that forces you to keep buying products for years and years hanging on to the idea that these lotions and potions will work miracles and that you can’t live without them. Sure, Botox and plastic surgery is another option, but they too cost lots of money, come with no guarantees, and may change your appearance forever. Looking young is awesome, but perhaps it’s time to also embrace aging, and save the money we’d spend on anti-aging creams and put it towards something that will make us feel better on the inside. Article by Yahoo! Shine