Cora BergerGerman tabloids have been mourning reality TV star Carolin “Sexy Cora” Berger, who died in a coma after her sixth breast operation, aged 23.

Ms Berger, a sex film celebrity, had joined the German version of Big Brother last year, where she behaved more and more outrageously. She embarked on a series of breast enlargements in a bid to keep her publicity going. Hamburg prosecutors are investigating her doctors for negligence. Ms Berger was put in an artificial coma on 11 January because of serious complications after her sixth operation, which took place at a clinic in the north German city. It is believed she suffered two cardiac arrests after the procedure to enlarge her breasts from a 70F to a 70G (UK: 34F to 34G). She had wanted to increase the size of her silicone breast enhancements from 500g (18oz) to 800g (28oz) each, Bild newspaper reported. “The senseless death of Big Brother star Cora shocks the whole of Germany,” Bild said. “Her frail, 48kg (106lb) body struggled against death for 224 hours. She lost. Cora is dead!” Hamburg tabloid Morgenpost, which had a special section called simply “Cora”, said Ms Berger had recently come back from a cruise to Dubai with her husband. Prosecutors in Hamburg announced they were investigating the anaesthesiologist and the surgeon who performed the operation at the Alster plastic surgery clinic, on suspicion of negligent homicide. They said a post-mortem would be performed on Ms Berger. Article by BBC News *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      * This is a shame. Not only because Cora was having multiple operations to satisfy her insecurity with her body, but also because it seems that people are so misinformed about the risks involved in plastic surgery. It seems people are more concerned and excited about the aesthetics of fixing their flaws, that we forget that plastic surgery is still surgery and can carry some of the same risks. Six operations is a lot of manipulating of one body part. Which is an important point – plastic surgery can be addicting and just because you “fix” what you thought was wrong with you, doesn’t mean it will solve your unhappiness. Often our insecurities come from a deeper place and if you fix one thing, you might just move on to hating something else about yourself. Or in this case, keep editing. What happened to Cora is unfortunate and our thoughts are with those affected by her death.