I found this link off of a great tumblr blog that tries to increase eating disorder awareness and HAD to let everyone know about it. This is a current campaign that is being done by the National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC) (with the help of communications agency Zulu Alpha Kilo). It’s effing amazing! Unfortunately, the site won’t let me copy and paste the text onto the site, but please visit the campaign’s page! Basically, the Campaign to Cast Responsibly and Retouch Minimally is sending messages to fashion leaders and marketers all over the world, inviting them to sign a pledge to cast models responsibly and not use majorly manipulative retouching in ads. Here are some photos and media of what the campaign is doing (click to enlarge): nedic card 1 nedic card 2nedic card 3 nedic tshirt nedic tshirt 2 nedic trash 1 nedic trash 2 The campaign materials include a Thank you (for nothing) note, an impossible-to-get-into T-shirt and my personal favorite, the poster trash bin. The poster trash bin is a transit shelter ad that doubles as a disposal site for magazines that contribute to women feeling negatively about themselves. You can help out by signing this petition as well! I’ve signed it and asked if there is anything that I can personally do to help. Hopefully they’ll get back to me!