Nike big butt ad 2010

2010 ad

Here is the new Nike ad for 2010. And I love it! There has been some debate about the authenticity of the ad – is a gigantic multinational corporation like Nike really likely to let slip through an ad that misspells the word “ambassador” (spelled “embassador”)? But I looked into this a little further and it seems that “Embassador” is the older, more proper form of the word, so I believe it’s a legitimate ad.
nike big butt 2005 ad

2005 ad

Also, except for the misspelling, the copy is identical to the famous ad campaign Nike did in 2005. However, this 2010 Nike Women’s ad shows an “ethnically ambiguous” model, instead of an supposedly african american model used in the 2005 ad. I think the model in the ad might have been changed to be more inclusive to all women – not just african american women who are often stereotyped as having larger butts. Either way, I loved this ad in 2005 and I love this ad in 2010. I hope Nike adds more to the series as well as does ads that focus on other parts of a woman’s body. I think it’s pretty inspirational! Article excerpts from Jezebel *      *       *      *      *      *       *       *       *      *       *       *      *      *       *       *       *      * UPDATE: Sorry guys, it turns out this ad isn’t the real deal. “Your suspicions are correct,” emails Nike’s PR. “The ad you questioned is not a Nike ad. It appears that the person who created it took the copy (with a typo) from our 2005 campaign.” The current ad is body-part free. Info from Jezebel. Real or fake, I’m still happy this ad and message got some attention – it’s a positive message regardless.