Emily BluntBeing a natural beauty, most photographers would probably agree that it doesn’t take much to make Emily Blunt look good. Which is just as well as the actress has revealed that she has an aversion to airbrushing. The Devil Wears Prada star, 27, spoke to Elle in an interview to accompany a sexy photo shoot for the magazine.

She said: ‘I don’t like it when they stretch you out and make you all long and skinny. It makes you look like a Barbie. Who the hell looks like that?’ But while she might not have been elongated for this photo shoot, it’s clear that her complexion has had some touching up for the pictures for the September edition of the magazine, out on sale next Wednesday.

Emily recently married American actor John Krasinski, 30, one of the stars of the US version of The Office in an intimate ceremony in Italy. The couple live in Los Angeles but Emily, who grew up in south west London, said even though she loves it there, she won’t forget her roots.
Emily Blunt Elle coverEmily graces the cover of the September edition of Elle magazine which is on sale on August 4. She added: ‘I feel very transatlantic. I shoot in England all the time, and I’m really close to my family and friends there. I know that maybe there’s a perception that I’ve abandoned what’s true to me but I still maintain it and I never want to look like I’m disregarding where I came from.’

And Emily also insisted that she won’t conform to the Hollywood ideal. She said: ‘Don’t worry, I’m not on cleanses or doing Pilates every day. Not to stereotype Hollywood girls.’ But she did admit to going on a diet for her latest film, the science fiction romance The Adjustment Bureau. She stars as ballerina  Elise Sellas who meets congressman David Norris but they soon find that strange circumstances keep them from becoming romantically involved. And she said she often felt hungry on set, but Damon, 39, did nothing to help her pangs and teased her about them. She revealed that Matt told her: ‘Just for once, I don’t have to go to the gym, so I’m going to eat burgers in front of you and you’re going to have to deal with it.’ And she said she felt like she was just ’emerging from a food coma’. Article by dailymail.co.uk. *      *      *       *      *      *      *      *      *      *       *      *      *      *      *      *      *       * My friend Lauren had referred this article to me. I love that Emily has refused to be “stretched out.” I wish more celebrities would do this, honestly. And I hope that Emily talking about it will encourage more women to embrace their natural shapes and say “No” more often. However, this also brings attention to all the different types of photo manipulation being used. Photoshop artist are not just playing with the shapes of models and actresses – they are also playing with their skin and features – and Emily’s skin has still been touched up. However, I don’t think her message is lost. It’s marvelous that she’s talking about embracing her body and not apologizing for it by allowing it to be altered. The other point that I want to touch lightly on, is the movie role she talks of at the end of the article, about how she has to go on a reduced diet in order to fit a ballerina’s character profile. On a healthy diet, I would say that “hunger pangs” are not normal – you are supposed to eat at least a snack every few hours. For men and women both, do you think these kind of movie roles are healthy? Of course, the actor/actress only has to do these roles for a few-several months, and then their bodies will most likely return to normal – but the actual movies, images and messages will be around for years and years.