Patricia ColliI wanted to take a break from my regular news postings and give a little personal update on what’s been happening with Beutiful and where I see it going in the next few months. Tonight I went to the Alpha Woman Happy Hour networking event at Octo,  promoting Beutiful for the first time. It was a small event, but I managed to meet a few very amazing women, as well as Brett Silver, the multi-talented event planner. The woman that I cannot get off my mind was Marilyn Sukonick-Zeff, who was there providing tarot card readings (no, I did not get my cards read!). She wasn’t promoting a specific business, but I was inspired by her. She revealed to me that she did not do anything that didn’t make her happy. I think everyone can relate to this – every day we do things that we feel like we have to do, and don’t necessarily want to. But really, we don’t “have to” do anything – it is all a choice. Also in that crowd of amazing women was Ashley Cook, the editor of Phlare Magazine, a magazine that focuses on women achieving success and empowering them to do so. And then there was Sarah Magrino, a representative of jewelry retailer Stella & Dot. Stella & Dot is a company created by and inspired by strong women who do it all – with style and grace. I hope to keep in contact with these women and perhaps get the chance to work with them in the future. Today was a big day for me, because if you had spoken to me four months ago, I still would have been dreaming about doing this with no idea where to start. The past three and a half months have been so enjoyable for me and I want to thank everyone involved, regardless of whether you actually read the articles, fan our page on Facebook, or just follow us on Twitter or Tumblr. Everything helps. To everyone that has been a larger part of it – whether it was referring articles, signing up for the newsletter, re-posting articles, linking to us, participating in interviews, being a contributor, participating in discussions, helping me set up the blog, or just being a great friend and support – thank you! I hope that you enjoy the blog so far and realize that it is not just my project – it’s all of ours. I hope that you can take the messages I want to send and incorporate them into yourself and those that you touch. We’re all wonderful, after all. I will be attending more networking events now that I’ve gotten my feet wet! In September, we’ll be launching our first newsletter (you can sign up here) and within the next few months, we’ll be expanding the website beyond the blog into a full online magazine, to give you more well-rounded content. Once again, thank you! P.S. If you have any suggestions, questions, or content you’d like to see more of, let me know –