Penelope CruzActress Penelope Cruz wants to “close down” trashy teen magazines, insisting editors force unhealthy body images on young and impressionable readers. The Vicky Cristina Barcelona star is known for her slender frame and good looks but believes beauty comes in all shapes and sizes – and she’s urging teenage girls to toss out any publication which claims otherwise. She tells Britain’s You magazine: “I would close down all those teenage magazines that encourage young girls to diet. Who says that to be pretty you have to be thin? Some people look better thin and some don’t. There is almost a standard being created where only thin is acceptable. The influence of those magazines on girls as young as 13 is horrific.” Article by Contact Music *      *      *      *      *       *      *      *      *      *       *       *      *      *      *      *       *        * Way to go, Miss Cruz! I love this – and she’s right. These magazines are only able to put this sort of information and send these negative messages because unfortunately, it sells. We need to stop supporting it and make the conscious decision to read more positive, healthy materials that enriches our lives.  This is very important, because what we put inside of our brains can affect how we feel about ourselves. If someone was constantly reading material or seeing images that encouraged them to look a certain way or was constantly telling them they needed to correct themselves, their perception of reality can shift. If we learn to be comfortable and love ourselves, we don’t need these publications to tell us what we need to do. The seriously sad thing is that these messages don’t start at thirteen. Did you know that girls as young as six years old wish they were thinner?