My friend Lauren had shared this info with me – ABC is going to launch a new show called “HUGE”, premiering June 28th at 9/8c. Huge Nikki BlonskyHuge follows the lives of seven teens and the staff at a weight-loss camp, as they look beneath the surface to discover their true selves and the truth about each other. Actress Nikki Blonsky (Hair) will portray Willamina, a teen whose sardonic and rebellious nature make her a menace to some and revolutionary to others. Additional cast include Zander Eckhouse as George, Harvey Guillen as Alistair, Ari Stidham as Ian, Ashley Holliday as Chloe and Hayley Hasselhoff as Amber. Huge, based on author Sasha Paley’s book of the same name from Alloy Entertainment, is being developed by Winnie Holzman (Wicked, My So-Called Life, Once & Again) and daughter Savannah Dooley. This might be a show centered around a weight-loss camp but there are definitely important messages coming through – to love yourself, accept yourself and embrace who you really are, with less attention to the physical. I think a lot of women will love and want to associate with Nikki Blonsky’s character, who is confident with her larger size and want to go against the grain. I feel like a lot of shows that are being aired right now focus solely on weight loss and the suffering that one goes through just to get to the physical outcome and reward – as well as sometimes the health rewards. But many of these shows fail to recognize the wonderful qualities and inner strength of the individuals and skimp on the realizations that one finds about themselves when they work hard enough to reach a goal. I will wait to actually watch the show to comment too much about this, but I expect that the show will portray both the vulnerabilities and insecurities as well as the strength and confidence of the characters in their own bodies as they discover, grow and learn to accept themselves. Watch the trailer: What do you think about this show, judging from the trailer? Will you be tuning in?