I found this article on Yahoo! Shine and thought it would definitely be useful to a few ladies. Fruit of the Loom perfect pair braIn a recent Shine poll, 33% of readers said they have a difficult time finding the right bra size. Well, perhaps this is because not all breasts are created equal. And that’s not to say that some breasts are better than others! The fact is, many women have one breast that’s slightly bigger than the other. Sometimes the difference is so slight, only we ourselves can notice it, and other times they differ by a cup size or two. For those looking for a bra that perfectly fits both breasts, Fruit of the Loom has launched Pick Your Perfect Pair bras. With this new offering, you can mix and match sizes and colors just as you would bikini separates. They come in Exactly Size (with lightly lined cups), or Just About Size (with padded cups) in case you are between sizes. The two cups snap together in the front, and hook in the back like a regular bra. And best of all, they’re only $5 per cup! *     *      *      *      *      *      *     *      *      *      *      *     *      *      *      *      *     *      *      * I think this is wonderful! Our bodies are unique and Fruit of the Loom is the first company that I’ve seen address the fact that a good percentage of women do not have breasts that are the same size. When I was younger, a girlfriend of mine was explaining the annoyance of finding a good bra for herself because one of her breasts was seriously a cup and a half size smaller than the other. She was stuck adding extra padding to fill in the cup of the smaller breast. I think this is a really great product that many women will be grateful for and it is reasonably priced – many companies would charge much more for this kind of customization. The only drawbacks that I see so far is that sizes are a bit limited – the largest available size is 40D and there is also a limited selection of colors and patterns. However, this is a fairly new product for Fruit of the Loom so I hope that as demand increases, they will add more variety and more sizes.