Kourtney Kardashian and babyKourtney Kardashian photoshoppedThis older issue of OK magazine claims to have an exclusive on Kourtney Kardashian’s “body after baby,” but the package might not be as exclusive as the magazine proclaims — and Kardashian might not be as slim as she appears on its cover. The reality TV star contends she never spoke to OK for the cover story, which quotes her as well as her friends and stepfather, Bruce Jenner. “They doctored and Photoshopped my body to make it look like I have already lost all the weight, which I have not,” Kardashian told WWD. She also spoke out to her Twitter followers: “One of those weeklies got it wrong again…they didn’t have an exclusive with me. And I gained 40 pounds while pregs, not 26…But thanks!” The cover photo features Kardashian posing with her baby, Mason, a shot taken seven days after his birth by Albert Michael of StarTraksPhoto.com. The cover image has been touched up to make Kardashian appear thinner on OK’s cover than in the original photo, which first appeared as part of the Jan. 11 issue of Life & Style. It also seems that OK has built the lower half of Kardashian’s body for its cover, as the original images were cropped at the belly. An OK spokesman declined comment. Article by WWD Media Giving people unrealistic expectations is unfair. I think it’s even more unfair to portray a woman that has just given birth as thinner than she is. New mothers should be relaxing and enjoying their newborns instead of worrying how quickly they have to “lose the baby weight” because Kourtney Kardashian has “lost it all” in a few days. I mean, really? It’s so unfortunate that a pregnant woman can’t even be pregnant anymore according to these standards. However, I’m grateful that Kourtney has addressed the magazine’s photo manipulation and inaccurate content!