Solange Magnano On November 29, 2009, the pageant world mourned the loss of a queen: Solange Magnano. The 1994 former Miss Argentina, 38, died from complications after undergoing a gluteoplasty – a cosmetic surgery on her buttocks. She died of a pulmonary embolism Sunday after three days in critical condition following the gluteoplasty, the Associated Press reported. Close friend Roberto Piazza said the procedure involved injections and the liquid “went to her lungs and brain.” “A woman who had everything lost her life to have a slightly firmer behind,” Piazza said. Various online definitions describe a gluteoplasty as a procedure to either lift the buttocks, or to enlarge the posterior by inserting synthetic implants. Grieving fans flooded Magnano’s Facebook page with remembrances written in both English and Spanish. “I pray that god will give your family peace over this TRAGIC incident. SO SAD,” read one entry. Although sad and unfortunate, her story serves a great example for many other women who share the same obsession: Beauty. Beauty obsessionMore and more people are becoming fond of plastic surgery. They see one tiny wrinkle on their face and a facelift is underway. People are becoming extremely obsessed with beauty and longing to look younger and more attractive. People have become completely infatuated with what the world believes is beautiful. Big breasts, voluptuous behind, longer lashes, smooth hair, and luscious lips are some of the many things people have become fixated on. It doesn’t matter how you act or think as long as your assets speak louder, right? Sadly, that’s exactly how people think these days. People are willing to go through extensive measures just to reflect what the world’s understanding of beauty is.

A Perfect Example

Solange Magnano is a perfect example. She basically gave up her life, leaving behind a husband and 7-year-old twins, just to have a firmer behind. She knew the risks, but in her mind, and in the mind of many other beauty addicts, it was worth it. Now she’s gone and the young children she brought to the world will have to survive this world of mania without the support of their mother. We all have one life to live, so why risk it? Is physical attraction more crucial than life itself? Is it worth losing your loved ones over your obsession with beauty? What is your definition of beauty? Article excerpts taken by NY Daily News and Money Blog