Demi MooreDemi Moore, who famously appeared unclothed on the cover of Vanity Fair not once but twice, has never been shy about showing her body. Talking about it, however, hasn’t come as easily. This month she covers the May issue of UK’s Elle and inside she talks about how she finally has the body of her dreams at 47, and the bravery involved in her pregnant Vanity Fair cover. “I had an extreme obsession with my body. I made it a measure of my own value. I tried to dominate it, which I did, and I changed it multiple times over. But it never lasted and ultimately it didn’t bring me anything but temporary happiness. Does being thin resolve anything? No.” “I have had something done but it’s not on my face,” Moore says in the interview, addressing head-on years of rumors that her remarkably youthful look was the result of surgery. Instead of going into detail about what that “something” might be, Moore uses the opportunity to share the lessons she’s learned from her own struggle for the “perfect” body. “The irony is that when I abandoned that desire to dominate my body, it actually became the body that I always wanted. But it only happened when I stopped trying to control it. At the end of the day, this kind of obsession is pointless and meaningless.” Demi Moore pregnant Vanity Fair cover After years of apparent preoccupation with her weight, she seems to have attained a healthy body image. In the Elle UK interview, Moore reflects on the strength she needed to engage in such public displays of nudity. “I was so brave! I had no sense of the impact that it would have. I just wanted to push the boundaries,” Moore says. “When I said things like ‘I want it all,’ that wasn’t coming from a place of greed. It was coming from a desire for balance. I wanted to remove the limitations that I felt were being imposed on me. Why couldn’t I be a mother and have a career?” If this interview is any indication, the 47-year-old actress is finally as comfortable discussing her physique as she is showing it. Article excerpts by The Huffington Post and Yahoo! Omg!