Crystal RennOnce too thin and unhealthy, the now plus-size model has a new career and book and is happier with her body and job. Discovered at age 14 by a model scout in Mississippi, Crystal Renn thought she was living the dream. But when her obsession to conform to her stick-thin peers nearly took her life, she re-evaluated her career goals. Today. she’s one of the most successful plus-sized models, with bookings with the likes of Dolce and Gabanna and Jean-Paul Gaulthier. Renn talks about embracing the new look and her new book, “Hungry.”  When did you decide that you had to make a change? I had an epiphany- I could lose my job for a job. I was booked for a Polaroid shoot on Monday, and that weekend I’d worked out for 16 hours. The cancelled the shoot telling me I still didn’t make the cut. They gave me two options: Carry on and do commercial work, or be my natural size and go into plus-size modeling where I could do arty shoot and editorials. How does your diet today compare to before you became a plus-size model? I was addicted to Diet Coke. I’d drink up to six cans a day. One day I woke up and decided to stop putting chemicals in my body. I’ll have natural soda once in a while but it’s been three years since I’ve had a Diet Coke. Today, I make a point of listening to what my body wants. “Hungry” talks about your transition from a size zero to a plus-size model. Why did you write this book? I have this burning desire in me to accomplish, and now I have more confidence and a different mindset. With “Hungry” I wanted to tell people that life doesn’t need to be extreme – I was at the lowest place with my body and I wanted people to be conscious of that. According to Renn, “plus-size” is actually smaller than you may think. “In the modeling industry, it’s based on measurements, it’s extremely technical,” she says. “Plus is a size 8 to 20, yet the average person tends to think plus is a size 18.” “Today, I’ve found a healthy medium with food and my mind. Worrying about weight gets in the way of everything; relationships, friends and your hobbies. Lose the obsession and you will open your mind and have time for everything else that matters.” Article by Metro.